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3025 Series

An advanced clinical microscope, the 3025 Microscope Series is an excellent value for laboratory and research applications.

3012 Series

3012 Microscope Series The 3012 Series is truly the best value in the market for lab technicians, two and four-year colleges, as well as veterinarians and physicians.

3002 Series

Sharp, high contrast images and a rigid cast alloy aluminum frame make the 3002 Microscope Series an excellent choice for educators, medical and veterinary professionals. Durable and ergonomic by design, the 3002 is built for many years of dependable use.

3000 Series

3000-LED Microscope Series - NEW The ACCU-SCOPE 3000-LED Microscope Series delivers outstanding optical perfomance, value and resolution to meet the exacting standards of the life science professionals and students.

3032 Series

3032 Microscope Series Sharp, high contrast images driven by ACCU-SCOPE s AIS infinity optical system make the 3032 inverted microscopes an outstanding performer for routine applications in embryology, tissue culture, pharmacology and immunology

3075 Series

Sharp, high resolution, three-dimensional images offer users a powerful, professional zoom stereo microscope designed to withstand rigorous industrial use.

3061 Series

ACCU-SCOPE`S 3061 zoom stereo microscopes incorporate the highest quality optical elements to produce high resolution three-dimensional images at all magnifications.

3069 Series

Advanced, modular design incorporating many professional features the 3069 stereo microscope series is ideal for industrial applications, classrooms and hobbyists.