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BA 410

Motic has launched its new upright microscope, the BA410, a newly designed, modular stand especially for routine-Clinical, lab, and teaching applications suitable for a wide range of transmitted light applications for the life science markets.

BA 400

The BA400, which combines CCIS optics with innovative mechanical design, provides unrivaled versatility, ergonomics and optical excellence that Motic is striving to achieve.

BA 310

Advanced Upright Microscope The new BA310 is designed for the rigors of daily routine work specifically for diverse applications in Haematology and Cytology.

BA 210

Basic Biological Microscope The BA210 is designed for both educational and teaching environments delivering a new higher level of optical performance.

B-3 Series

With built-in Koehler Illumination and a Quintuple Nosepiece as standard, the B3 series offers users a stable platform for professional microscopy. Available in Achromatic Super Contrast or full Plan optics, this popular Motic series offers something for everyone.

B-1 Series

This full-sized microscope range provides users with a sturdy and solid base for professional microscopy. The B1 Series is available with many accessories to suit most microscopy requirements in academic, veterinarian and simple lab tasks.

AE 30/31

Application driven inverted microscope! A class leading inverted microscope offering upscale research functions in the routine realm.

AE 2000

The Brand New AE2000 A revolutionary design packed with features, the AE2000 sets a new benchmark in affordable inverted microscopy.


The SMZ-168 Series of stereomicroscopes incorporates a zoom ratio of 1:6.7, one of the industry`s largest, with a standard working distance of 113mm inside a Greenough optical stereo system.


The SMZ-140 line is the most versatile stereomicroscope manufactured by Motic. The list of applications may seem only a few, but each day presents another opportunity to incorporate this fantastic microscope into one


Lightweight turret stereomicroscope Three magnification options, unlimited usages. The SFC-11 is the ideal stereomicroscope for both educational and industrial applications.


Equipped standard with the user friendly function of zoom, the K700 offers the convenience of 5.2:1 zoom ratio with the optical clarity of the Common Main Objective [CMO] optical system.


Offering the benefits of a Common Main Objective [CMO] infinity optical system at a Greenough price, the K500 is the ideal choice for users wanting the flatness and expandability of a CMO but only possessing a Greenough budget.


The K401 expands on the benefits of a Common Main Objective [CMO] optical system by integrating a Plan Achromat objective to further reveil information within the field of view.


Employing a Common Main Objective [CMO] optical system, the K400 produces flat, crisp, and true color representations for the user over a long and continuous period.