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Axio Scope

Axio Scope - More Functional. More Economical. The adaptable all-around stand for your routine and research applications your microscope down to the last detail.

Axio Lab A1

The Zeiss Axio Lab.A1 is unmatched when it comes to performance and optics. Highly ergonomic, easy to operate and brilliant image quality for versatile medical applications. The special plus for long-term microscope users: TUV-prooven ergonomy.

Primo Star

Primo Star High Performance for Education and the Laboratory - the student microscope of your choice Robust, easy to operate, equipped with good optics and, above all, reasonably priced.

Axio Vert.A1

The Axio Vert.A1  allows you to choose from all standard contrasting techniques, including DIC, to investigate your cell cultures. Axio Vert.A1 is the only system in its class with such a large range of features, compact enough in fact to sit directly beside your incubator. Look into the very essence of your research in its own protected environment.

Primo Vert

The Carl Zeiss inverted microscope, the Primo Vert is focused on the essentials: Excellent optical quality, ease of use, choice of high quality materials and an appealing design are all available at an affordable price.

Axio Zoom.V16

The BRAND NEW Axio Zoom.V16 - The Fluorescence Zoom Microscope for Large Fields. It’s About Brilliance. Because Only the Best Is Good Enough!

SteREO Discovery V.20

A new performance class Are you engaged in demanding projects in biological or medical research, or in material analysis? If so, you will be interested in a new index of performance in stereo microscopy:

SteREO Discovery V.12

New Dimensions in Operating Comfort Carl Zeiss is expanding the borders of stereomicroscopy with increased depth of field, excellent color reproduction, high-contrast images and significantly more image information.

SteREO Discovery V.8

New high-performance optics: this is the outstanding performance feature that Carl Zeiss has focused on with the development of its latest entry level model in the sophisticated stereo microscope class.

SteREO Lumar

Expanding the Boundaries of Stereomicroscopy! High-resolution three-dimensional images in the largest specimen field in its class.

Stemi 305

 The Zeiss Stemi 305 is your compact Greenough stereo microscope with a 5:1 zoom........

Stemi 508

 Stemi 508 is compact, reliable and equipped with optics and mechanics designed for heavy workloads.........