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Primo Vert

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Primo Vert addresses both routine and cutting-edge research laboratories which require compact and reliable microscopes for checking cells quickly and efficiently. The microscope can be also used by students in advanced course room settings. Key customer benefits at a glance: Excellent price-performance ratio Easy-to-Use concept: auto on/off function, universal phase contrast Long-term mechanical and optical stability Attractive industrial design In addition to the binocular tube and trinocular tube (photo) versions, Primo Vert offers an innovation that generates a new class of its own: The Primo Vert Monitor. Ultimate convenient: Primo Vert Monitor allows multi-observation in training situations Adjustable monitor tilt (450 - 800) for ergonomic and comfortable work Head is no more in a fixed position to the eyepieces; glasses are no longer a problem Integrated digital camera, SD memory card slot, USB port Remote control for the acquisition of images, remotely or through glass plates of flow boxes


Objective change Manual via quadruple objective nosepiece
Objectives Infinity-corrected objective range with W 0.8 mounting thread Plan-Achromat: 4 x / 0.1, 4 x / 0.1 Ph0, 10 x / 0.25 Ph1 LD Plan-Achromat: 20 x / 0.3 Ph1, 40 x / 0.5 Ph1, 20 x / 0.3 Ph2, 40 x / 0.5 Ph 2
Phase-Slider Universal phase slider for the objectives Ph1: Convenient and economical Phase slider for Ph2: Higher resolution
Eyepieces WF-PL 10x/20 Br. foc.
Specimen stage Dimensions (width x depth) Specimen guide Verniers with numerical and alphabetic scale Coaxial drive Fixed 200 x 239 mm Right side X direction: Numerical scale, readable from right to left Y direction: Alphabetic scale, readable in the mirror right side
LD condenser 0.3 For magnifications 4 x to 40 x, WD = 72 mm
LD condenser 0.4 For magnifications 4 x to 40 x, WD = 55 mm
Binocular tube 45°/20 Interpupillary distance Viewing height Viewing angle 45°, FOV 20 Adjustable from 48 to 75 mm 360 to 397 mm
Trinocular (photo)tube 45°/20 Photo/video port Fixed beam splitting Viewing angle 45°, FOV 20 Tube factor 1x, 60 mm 50 % vis / 50 % doc
Primo Vert Monitor Camera: 5 Megapixel CMOS Monitor size: 8.4” Display: 800 x 600 pixel Storage Medium: Secure Digital (SD) card Outputs/ports: USB 2.0 Camera driver for AxioVision LE with special Microscopy software: Configuration tool
Light source HAL: 6 V, 30 W LED: White light, 3 W

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