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Axio Lab A1

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Key benefits at a glance: TUV-approved ergonomic configuration for maximized comfort and a stress-free working position. Special features for laboratory use, such as convenient position of all main operating elements and the use of soft-touch materials. Excellent optical quality for reliable results. Long term durability through the use of high quality materials. Numerous tubes, including multi-observation and accessories for a wide range of applications. Transmitted light illumination alternatively HAL 35 W, LED daylight or LED warmlight


Contrasting techniques Brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, simple polarization contrast, fluorescence contrast


Integrated 35 W halogen lamp, 3 W LED (daylight, warmlight)

Objectives/ Eyepieces

A-Plan, N-Achroplan, EC-Plan-Neofluar and all other IC2S objectives
Eyepieces 10 x for field of view of 20 mm or 22 mm
Stand 5-position nosepiece, stage drive right Stand5-position nosepiece, stage drive right


TUV-approved ergonomics with height-adjustable and tilting tube, with ergonomic stage and stage drive, with a number of soft-touch materials to increase working comfort


One main-observer with tubes for up to 2 co-observers seated on the left side of the main observer


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