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Prima GN

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PRIMA GN Advantages: A super bright 50W LED produces a powerful yet cool field of illumination on any region of interest. With an estimated 60,000 hours of bulb service life, the hassle of bulb change is now a thing of the past. With electronics built into the arm, the Prima is a compact solution. A responsive 5-step APOchromatic Gallilean magnichanger produces a sharp image at every step. 3-color correction promises doctors the highest in image fidelity and resolution with virtually limitless range. Fine focusing is made possible through a range of long working distance objectives, or CMO`s Realizing a microscope should adhere to any desired viewing angle, smooth and multi-axial articulation are a standard with PRIMA. An intelligent "LED Auto-off" position makes interacting with patients easier.


Binocular Tube Straight, f = 170mm focal length
Apochromatic Magnichanger 0.4x,0.63x,1.0x,1.6x & 2.5x
Eyepiece WF 10x/16mm with eye guards
Objectives f = 300mm, manual fine focus
Light Source 50W LED, upto 60,000 hours of LED lamp life
Built-in-Filters Green & Yellow
Vertical Movement of Arm 600mm
Microscope Carriers Straight carrier
Trinocular (photo)tube 45°/20 Photo/video port Fixed beam splitting Viewing angle 45°, FOV 20 Tube factor 1x, 60 mm 50 % vis / 50 % doc
Accessories Assistoscope, iVu Camera Module, Double Beam splitter, 0-210° tiltable ergo tube, eyepiece WF 12.5x/16mm

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