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Axio Vert 40

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It`s superior optical performance and exceptionally wide range of functionalities place it at the top of its class. Really unique: PlasDIC, the outstanding relief contrast. In terms of flexibility, operating comfort, stand stability and component quality, it is obvious that the Axiovert 40 is another outstanding Carl Zeiss microscope. A microscope that meets the demands of professionals who want a more cost-effective, appreciate flexible and easy upgrading options, expect an investment in a microscope to be a safe investment.


Stands Axiovert 40 C for transmitted light, fixed camera port, 5-position nosepiece, stage height 185 mm. Axiovert 40 CFL for transmitted light, fixed camera port, 5-position nosepiece with 3 slots for PlasDIC sliders, stage height 210 mm, upgradable with PlasDIC and fluorescence
Contrasting Techniques Axiovert 40 C: brightfield, phase contrast, VAREL
Axiovert 40 CFL: brightfield, phase contrast, VAREL, PlasDIC and reflected light fluorescence
Objectives CP-Achromat, A-Plan, LD A-Plan, Achroplan, Plan-Neofluar, LD Plan-Neofluar
Eyepieces PL 10x/18 Br., 10x/18 Br. foc.
E-PL 10x/20 Br., 10x/20 Br. foc.
Stages specimen stage, specimen stage glass, heatable and temperable microscope stages
Documentation Cameras: SLR, digital compact, digital cameras from the AxioCam family, Video Adapters: for many models of cameras. Software: camera software, AxioVision

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