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The SMZ-168 Series of stereomicroscopes incorporates a zoom ratio of 1:6.7, one of the industry`s largest, with a standard working distance of 113mm inside a Greenough optical stereo system. Moreover, the standard system provides a maximum magnification of 50X [with standard 10X eyepieces] and guaranteed parfocality throughout the magnifications. Designed for long term usage, the SMZ-168 is available in both a 35° and 60° observation angle format to fit the application and environment setup. Assisting in fatigue preventation is the high eyepoint system of the standard 10X eyepieces, which allows the user to assume a more comfortable posture when using the microscope and eyeglass wearers to observe without the fear of scratching their lenses. The standard eyepieces offer a field of view fo 30.7mm to cover more of sample in less time.





6.7 : 1 Zoom Ratio


6.7X - 50X Standard Magnification

Working Distance 113mm Working Distance  
Objectives 6 Achromat auxiliary objectives
Eyetube Inclination 35° ergonomic observation angle,  Available in trinocular and 60° head versions