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Axio Observer Mat

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Axio Observer boosts high-end materials microscopy by unprecedented optical performance. With extremely low light scattering and surprisingly high contrast, it provides distinctly more information content with the high quality images it generates. Carl Zeiss has redesigned and optimized the entire optics of Axio Observer. The beam path has been apochromatically corrected so it brings out the full power of the Carl Zeiss objectives adding brilliant quality to all contrasting methods.


The microscope
  • New flexibility in the inverse research category
  • Developed for the observation, manipulation and analysis of living cells
The optics
  • High-performance objectives for the different tasks involved in Live Cell Imaging, with special LCI and thermally-insulated objectives leading the way
  • Optimized Differential Interference Contrast for homogeneous illumination across the entire field of view
  • Innovative and open to new areas of applications: the combination of positive and negative phase contrast in one objective
The fluorescence
  • Absolute brilliance right into the periphery provided by the newly designed fluorescence beam path
  • Apochromatic correction for optimum imaging of all wavelengths
  • Up to 70% higher excitation intensity due to high-performance filter sets
  • Up to 50% shorter exposure times due to HE filter sets
  • 6x reflector turret, faster at changing position (< 200 ms) with a new quick change concept for the filter sets
  • Versatile illumination spectrum from the selfadjusting HBO to the high-speed light source
The workflow
  • Ease of operation with new dimensions for control and monitoring via TFT display
  • Flexible system control via stand, TFT, docking station or PC
  • Perceptibly more intelligent in manual operation
  • Automatic Component Recognition ACR for objectives and reflector modules
  • Simply more efficient due to greater contrast combinations in transmitted light
  • Optimally regulated by means of contrast and light management
  • Working more relaxed for longer periods of time with the ergotube
  • Automated to save time, and greater ease of operation provided by the new shutter concept
The safety
  • Unshakable: the reliable pyramid design
  • Effective microscope protection with absolute freedom to operate provided by Aqua Stop II
The cell research station
  • Unique flexibility for any level of application, from routine to high-end
  • Superb integration at all system levels
  • A new level of performance in cell incubation
  • Open system architecture for easy integration of external components
The system
  • Options: Cell Observer® or Cell Observer® HS
  • AxioVision imaging software
  • TIRF, LSM, Microdissection, laser port for FRAP and Uncaging
  • Unique solutions for incubation
The expansion concept
  • Optimum performance economically feasible: the variable expansion concept in three stands
  • Designed for different requirements and application focal points
  • Growth platform for now and for the future

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