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Stemi DV4

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The innovative advances incorporated in this microscope are obvious not only in the color of the instruments and their compact, original design, but also, and most particularly, in their attractive price - all the result of state-of-the-art production technologies. Sturdy, hard-wearing technology, the very easy operation of all major function controls and no compromises whatsover in image definition and brilliance - that is the best way to describe this stereomicroscope from Carl Zeiss. In addition to the four basic models, optionally with a zoom system or adjustable fixed magnifications, the compact Stand C and selected accessories (e.g. image documentation, darkfield, and many more) are other outstanding features. Stemi DV4 Stemi DV4 SPOT The patented zoom system of the Stemi DV4 (Double Lens Vario, zoom factor 4) guarantees high-resolution, brilliant images from overview (8x) to detail (32x). An exceptional feature in this price category: The image remains precisely in focus over the entire zoom range. The Stemi DV4 SPOT fiber-optic, cold-light illuminator additionally integrated into the microscope body ensures a fully illuminated object field at all times.


(Double Lens Vario, zoom factor 4)

Stereo microscope with zoom (vario) magnification factor

Magnification range: 8x to 32x
Field of view: 20
Free working Distance: 92mm


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