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Stemi 2000

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Ideal 3-D image The optical system of the Stemi 2000 images your specimens exactly true to nature: Brilliantly sharp, absolutely free of disortions and - even at low powers - at very high resolving power. Stemi 2000 - Microscopy by Carl Zeiss Fantastic zoom factor of 7 Interested in minute details? The extremely wide 7.7:1 zoom range (pancratic system 0.65x...5.0x) zooms them in as hardly any other stereomicroscope of this class can do.Continuously or with click stop. Exclusively by Zeiss. Extremely long working distance of up to 286 mm The Stemi 2000 provides ample space for illumination and manipulation. Usefully graded interchangeable optics ensure necessary freedom of movement and ideal overview. Working distances of 92 mm, 130 mm, 210 mm or 286 mm are possible. The magnification ranges from 1.95x to 225x. Wide field: 118 mm at a glance With the Stemi 2000 you can even view a compact disc as a whole. Its 0.3x attachment lens system permits object fields of up to 118 mm to be viewed. The basic outfit provides an object field size of 35 mm.


  • Stereomicroscope with factor 7.7 zoom magnification changer
  • Switchable click stop
  • Magnification range: 6.5 to 50x
  • Field of view number: 23
  • Free working Distance: 92mm
  • Camera port available: 100/100 split or 50/50 split

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