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SteREO Discovery V.20

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SteREO Discovery.V20. This innovative product from the pioneer of the CMO (common main objective) design principle blazes a new trail for the future of CMO stereomicroscopes.The new performance level of the SteREO Discovery.V20 is based on new design features and technologies. More than 30 patents and patent applications guarantee that we will maintain that lead.


  • Various Stands allow for multiple configurations
  • Motorized zoom: Zoom range 0.75 to 15 x, apochromatic zoom optics
  • Magnification range
    • For stereo observation: 7.5 x to 150 x (basic version with 1x objective and 10x eyepieces); 2.3 x to 552 x (with exchangeable optics)
    • For 2D observation: 2.3 x to 840 x (with exchangeable optics)


  • Reflected light: Fiber optic cold-light 150 W or 250 W (Spot illuminators, Ring lights, Line light, Coaxial illumination, Diffuser), LED (VisiLED segment rings)
  • Transmitted light: Fiber optic cold light 150 W or 250 W (Transmitted light equipment S), LED (VisiLED ACT transillumination contrast stage ACT, VisiLED transillumination BF)


  • Achromat S (0.3x / 0.4x / 0.63x / 1x / 1.5x), Plan S (1x) and PlanApo S (0.63x / 1x / 1.5x / 2.3 x / 3.5x mono)


  • Observation tubes: Binocular tube S 35, binocular tube S 20, binocular phototube S 20, binocular ergo- phototube S 5-45
  • Stages: Mechanical stage S 100 x 100, Mechanical stage 75 x 50 mot. CAN, Scanning stage 130 x 85 piezo, Gliding stages, Ball-and-socket stage, Rotating Pol stage

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