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Axio Vert.A1

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Axio Vert.A1 is a compact, inverted microscope that brings you big insights. You examine large, heavy samples, using a wide range of classic and advanced contrast methods. You switch easily between brightfield, darkfield, DIC, C-DIC, fluorescence and polarization contrast in reflected light. In transmitted light, use brightfield, polarization and phase contrast. The 5x encoded nosepiece turret recognizes a change of objectives automatically. You quantify your structure efficiently, evaluate the properties and quality of your materials


  • Inverted compound microscope
  • Axio Vert.A1 with 5 position H-D, DIC nosepiece (encoded)
Contrasting techniques
  • Reflected light: Brightfield, Darkfield, Polarization, DIC, C-DIC, Fluorescence
  • Transmitted light: Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Polarization
  • Reflected light: Epiplan, EC Epiplan-NEOFLUAR
  • Transmitted light: N-ACHROPLAN Pol, Plan-NEOFLUAR Pol
  • Special purpose objectives: LD objective (long working distance), immersion objectives
  • Eyepieces
    • Brightfield eyepieces W-Pl 10x/23 br foc
  • Stages
    • Mechanical stage 40 x 40 with various stage diaphragms
    • Gliding stage including stage inserts
    • Scanning stage 130 x 85, mot P, CAN with various holders
  • Documentation
    • Cameras: AxioCam family, digital cameras, video cameras
    • Adapters for many camera types
    • Recommended software: AxioVision LE
    • Recommended software modules: MosaiX (image acquisition scanning stage); Graphite, Grains, Multiphase, NMI, Particle Analyzer Projects, Comparative Diagrams, Interactive Measurement (image analysis)

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