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Axio Scope

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Customized microscope configurations because of consistently implemented modularity. With its unusual flexibility, Axio Scope from Carl Zeiss can be used universally  and is yet individually tailored to your applications. More economical than ever because you only buy what you need at the moment. You have the option of extending your microscope to meet your growing demands tomorrow. Equally deeply impressing: the cost benefits and the performance. Axio Scope,  the latest generation upright routine microscope.


23 stand versions = a perfect solution You configure your Axio Scope from five upper parts, three lower parts and two vario columns. Made to measure for simple routine applications, for demanding research tasks, for every budget.
LED in transmitted-light = LED in fluorescence Axio Scope offers integrated solutions with these extremely long-lasting and economical light sources, not only in transmitted-light but also in reflected-light o?= thus taking into account the growing importance of fluorescence as a routine method.

Convenient intensity adjustment

The intensity adjustment of the transmitted-light illumination is arranged on both sides close to the focus drive and extremely comfortable to operate with the right or left hand.

New development: the ergo-stage

Newly developed in order to make hand positions individually adaptable and operation even more comfortable. The stage drive of the new ergo-stage can be pushed 90 mm along the y axis and fixed in the position that is most comfortable.

 Smart specimen guide

Axio Scope specimen guide allows the slide to be moved alternatively by hand = an innovation that experienced pathologists in particular will welcome.

Conversion without tools

Many of the components such as the stage carrier can simply be unscrewed without tools.

Economical upgrading

Many components can be added on by the customer as needed, easily and over time.

PlasDIC and DIC now in an upright microscope

In response to many customers a choice of two sophisticated contrasting techniques is available in an upright microscope for the first time: Differential Interference Contrast, DIC, and PlasDIC, the inexpensive relief contrast.

A variety of reflector inserts

Through its customer interface in the infinity space, Axio Scope allows users to select the reflector insert most suitable for the respective application. There is a choice of a 2x slider, a 4x reflector turret and a 6x reflector turret.


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