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Luxeo 4D

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The Luxeo 4D reflects high performance engineering in every detail, demonstrating yet again, Labomed`s unwavering focus on delivering superb value. With a super bright and white light emitting diode (LED) illumination system, superb optics, and a single-cast durable construction, and a superlative 5 Megapixel built-in camera, virtually all educational, documentation, and even some industrial inspection requirements are met with the Luxeo 4D.


Imaging Module Integrated digital camera module
Imaging System 1/2.5" CMOS Camera Sensor
Resolution 5.0 Mega Pixel
Image Output Digital USB v2.0/3.0, Composite Video (NTSC/PAL)
Integrated Slot Secure Digital (SD) Card for on-device recording
Recording Image capture toggle (on-board)
Software PixelPro Image archiving software
Optical System Greenough
Magnification 4.4:1 Zoom
Eyepieces WF 10x / 20 mm (with dioptric lock)
Diopter Correction + /- 5 diopters
Viewing Body Binocular, 45B:
Working Distance 100 mm*
Magnification Range 8x to 35x
Object Field Dia 6.6 to 28.5 mm
Eye Guards Retractable
Illumination Control Incident / Transmitted / Combined Illumination Control Buttons
Incident Light + / - 30B: oblique illumination and variable intensity control dial
Incident Light Method Maximum intensity (10 LEDs), front angled incident light (5 LEDs), rear angled incident light 5 (LEDs)
Transmitted Light 3 LEDs super bright glow screen, low heat emission
LED Service Life Approx 25,000 hours

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