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BA 410

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A completely redesigned optical system ensures that the BA410 will provide the best image quality in the demanding cytology, pathology, and histology fields from both demanding amateur to professional levels. A variety of new viewing heads are also available, including a Trinocular head with three light splits (100:0/20:80/0:100) and two Ergonomic heads with tilting and (optional) telescopic functions. The improved CCIS Optical system includes a variety of contrast techniques like Fluorescence, dark field, polarization as well as an improved phase contrast: one condenser covers both positive as well as negative phase contrast lenses. While a solid-state quintuple nosepiece is standard, an optional sextuple nosepiece is now also available. Imaging has also been improved through new CCD adapters, optimizing the use of all Motic Digital cameras with CMOS and CCD sensor targets.


Optical System:

Color Corrected Infinity Optical System (CCIS)

Observation Tube:

Widefield binocular 30°, FN 22
Widefield trinocular 30
°, FN 22, 100:0/20:80
Widefield trinocular 30
°, FN 22, 100:0/0:100
Widefield trinocular 30
°, FN 22, 100:0/0:100/20:80


Reversed quintuple or sextuple

Objectives/ Eyepieces

Infinity Corrected Optical System

Stage: 174 x 145mm surface; 76 x 50mm movement; hard anodized coated stage; coaxial movement X and Y with adjustable control knobs; stage left or right hand control available
Condenser: Swing-out Abbe condenser NA 0.9/0.13
Focus: Z-axis movement 27mm with fixed upper limit stop for lens protection; coarse focus with torque adjustment; fine focus with 1mm minimum increment; stage lock for high samples, freely definable; silicon covered focus controls


Externally mounted lamphouse, 6V/30W Quartz Halogen Koehler illumination

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