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3069 Series

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Advanced, modular design incorporating many professional features the 3069 stereo microscope series is ideal for industrial applications, classrooms and hobbyists. Longer working distance, enhanced illumination and widefield eyepieces make the 3069 series easy to use for classroom dissection or industrial inspections. A modular design allows the 3069 series to be configured on a transmitted & incident dovetail stand, boom stand, flex-arm stand or pole stand in binocular configurations. Optional accessories are available for digital imaging, video monitoring and darkfield.


WF10x eyepieces with 20mm field of view
Binocular or trinocular viewing head, inclined 45 °
Interpupillary distance adjustment range of 55mm-75mm and dual diopter adjustment of +/- 5
Fixed magnification objectives with side mounted control knobs
Available with dovetail stand, boom stand or flexible arm depending upon the model selected
Illumination (dovetail models only): variable incident (from above) 6 volt 15 watt halogen and/or transmitted (from below) 5 watt fluorescent
 GEM microscopes are supplied with darkfield condenser with iris diaphragm and stone holder

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